Silver Walking Liberty

1936 S Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU Toned

1936 S Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU Toned
1936 S Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU Toned

1936 S Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU Toned   1936 S Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU Toned

Flowing Hair Large Cents (1793). Do you want to want to get coins at the lowest cost? 1936 S Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU Toned.

The pictures in this listing could be stock photos. The pictures are merely a representation of the product you will receive. Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollars are one of the most iconic, rare, and historical coins that have ever been made making it a perfect addition to any collectors' collection. Walking Liberty silver half dollars are 90% silver and are amongst the most widely collected coins in the numismatic industry. Since these coins are up to about 100+ years old, quality Walking liberty half dollars are becoming harder and harder to come by.

It is history that you can hold in your hands. With that being said, don't let this opportunity pass you up! Walking Liberty Half Dollars contain 0.36169 troy ounce of silver.

The composition of all Walking Liberty Half Dollars are 0.900 silver, 0.100 copper. The diameter of all Walking Liberty Half Dollars are 30.63 mm (1.21 in). The mass of all Walking Liberty Half Dollars are 12.50 g.

The designer of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar is Adolph A. Perfect for any collection, add this Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar to your cart today! Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar - Background & Design: The Walking Liberty half dollar is a silver 50-cent piece or half dollar coin that was issued by the United States Mint from 1916 to 1947; it was designed by Adolph A.

Weinman, a well-known sculptor and engraver. In 1915, the new Mint Director, Robert W. Woolley, came to believe that he was not only allowed but required by law to replace coin designs that had been in use for 25 years. He therefore began the process of replacing the Barber coinage: dimes, quarters, and half dollars, all bearing similar designs by long-time Mint Engraver Charles E.

Barber, and first struck in 1892. Woolley had the Commission of Fine Arts conduct a competition, as a result of which Weinman was selected to design the dime and half dollar.

The design of the half dollar bears a full-length figure of Liberty, the folds of the Stars and Stripes flying to the breeze as a background, progressing in full stride toward the dawn of a new day, carrying branches of laurel and oak, symbolical of civil and military glory. The hand of the figure is outstretched in bestowal of the spirit of liberty. The reverse of the half dollar shows an eagle perched high upon a mountain crag, his wings unfolded, fearless in spirit and conscious of his power. Springing from a rift in the rock is a sapling of mountain pine, symbolical of America.

Walking Liberty Half Dollar Grading Scale & Guidelines: As understood and in relation to condition notes and guidelines, a Walking Liberty Half Dollar in "About Uncirculated" condition may still show some signs of original luster. Obverse: Outstretched arm may have luster with detail. The high point in the center of the coin, folds of Liberty's skirt shows no wear. Billows in sleeve may be covered with luster. Reverse: The eagle's leading edge of wing would indicate first signs of wear.

Breast feathers may retain original sheen. Front of legs may have luster with no dulling.

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1936 S Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU Toned   1936 S Walking Liberty Half Dollar AU Toned